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A Prolific Painting Of Trees, Grasses, Streams And All Of Nature Under A Bright Sun

Original price was: ₹5,500.00.Current price is: ₹2,100.00.

This frame holds up a painting that reflects the beauty of nature. It is done on a matte finish canvas of imported quality. The frame is made of pine wood which will last longer.

The entire frame is set on the grey wall, but the contrast is even more impressive. The size of frame is 36 inch x 24 inch.

A perfect rendition of the sun’s bright light shining through elegant trees and green grass with a shimmering stream and an abstract background.

The entirety of this painting can be summarised as vibrant yet gentle. It would be likened to a bright summer afternoon out in the woods if brought to life.

It is easy to clean and dry.

The product is available with free shipping. It will be dispatched within 36 hours of ordering.


What is the best in it?

Nature surrounds us all. However, not all of us dwell in its never-ending serenity and beauty. Perhaps locked in a day-to-day bustle that is needed by most of us in this current world, we rarely get to enjoy all that nature offers. However, this framed art delivers nature to your doorstep.

The elegant colours of the painting seem to leap off the canvas and surround you. This artwork seems to possess the environment with its warm colours. The green grass, the light blue colour of the river in the background, the highlighted trees with orange, red and green leaves and a darker red and slightly orange background- every single colour significant yet proportionately scattered around the canvas. You can almost imagine yourself in the painting.

 You can also make out the pathway painted through the field. The brown earth is seen,, which signifies that this is not an isolated location. All that is absent is the presence of a person taking a walk, absorbing all the vibrance of nature. However, the painting is not elusive. Stare long it,, and you can easily imagine yourself taking a walk through the path towards the river.

The entirety of the product is hung upon a grey wall. This heightens the excitement of the product. The same effect is seen with the frame hung on a deeply tanned and slightly orange wall; the controlled vibrance of the pictures is also noticed.

Why should you buy it?

Do you love the wild? Do you sometimes desire the countryside with the serenity, quiet and beauty that characterises it? Then this product is for you. You can hang it practically anywhere to satisfy your longings, and as a reminder, perhaps, a road trip to the countryside is not a bad idea.

Do you love fishing? Do you also love the beach and the beautiful sound of water moving quietly? If you do, then this framed artwork is perfect for you. The river in it is perfectly illustrated in layout and pattern; You can almost imagine a boat on it. This art can spur you to go for a fishing vacation.

The overall reason why we believe you should get this awesome product is simple. If you cannot go to where nature reigns supreme at will,.you can host nature in your private quarters both for satisfaction and motivation to explore

 How can it improve your home?

The beauty of this product is seen both on a grey wall and in a minimalist environment. It is also seen on a deep-coloured wall. These are no exaggeration. So, irrespective of your style of interior decoration, this beautiful artwork would fit right in whatever room in your home. 


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