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An Elegantly Framed Print On Canvas Of Nature For Your Interior Decoration

Original price was: ₹5,000.00.Current price is: ₹2,100.00.

It is a printed canvas on a frame featuring nature art. The art itself is printed on the canvas and framed. However, the art itself retains its qualities on the canvas.

The texture of the art is lacking in print, but that is if you touch it. Observing the art on canvas, it is similar in colour tone, style, and form to the original artwork.

This framed print art features a plane full of vegetation set on a mountainous background with a blue sky overhead.

The brush effect can be seen on the frame. The art has a calm ambience because of the dull colours used. There is no excessive use of light, which reinforces the theme of the art.

 The entire frame is 33 by 22 inches enclosing a quality canvas.

Almost similar to a real painting, the ambience and tone of the art remain intact, and the entire art looks as captivating as the original painting.

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What’s the Best in It?

It features extremely detailed elements in a unique artsy style. The theme of the art is commanding but in a subtle way. The ambience of the art is awesome for relaxation. It is a perfect art that fully describes nature wonderfully and beautifully. 

The entire printed canvas painting has a calm colour theme. The colours used are dull. However, the overall painting is captivating. The sky is a combination of blue and several shades.

The mountains have a unique grey colour, and the plants on the plain have a unique orange colour. Overall, it is not a flashy art but extremely beautiful and captivating.

The frame is made with one of the toughest types of wood. In essence, the frame is encased in a durable frame that will last as long as possible. The canvas we print our art on is of high quality. It absorbs the colour from the digital printer and reflects the art in the highest resolutions.

Why Should You Buy It?

A better question is, why shouldn’t you buy one?

First, this art serves as an awesome gift. This art is exquisite and would be treasured by anyone who receives it as a gift. So, purchase it as a gift and make someone’s day.

Because of the cool ambiance of the art, this framed canvas is perfect for all interior decoration themes. It would blend in a colorful theme, minimalistic, modern, or even traditional interior decoration.

How Can It Improve Your Home?

It looks pretty amazing. You will not get tired of looking at it for hours while trying to decipher if you’ve missed some clues or if the image hides special meanings.

The painting printed on canvas gives the illusion that it’s real. It will make any blank space into something oozing with style and appeal.


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