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A Framed Canvas Print Of The Aerial View Of A Natural Scenery

Original price was: ₹5,000.00.Current price is: ₹2,100.00.

This is a canvas print featuring a scenic aerial view of a river with trees and a boat.

It displays a moment caught in time, a moment beautiful and calm. There are no disturbances but an easy interaction between all the elements.

The water is undisturbed, as are the leaves on the tree, as they cast a thousand shadows down on the river and everything in its path.

This 24 by 33 Scenic canvas print grabs the attention of its audience, transmitting the emotions trapped with it to its audience.

And true to this canvas art is the ability to stop in your track, mesmerizing you as your mood adjusts.

It is available with free shipping option. It is dispatched within 36 hours of receiving a successful order.


What is the best in it?

Everyone, at one point or the other, has wished they could freeze time. This feeling is embedded in all of us—the need to cherish a moment, a feeling, or a place.

However, nobody has achieved this except through art and photography. This is what makes this canvas print awesome. It features a scenic view of a place.

First is the beautiful interaction between the trees, the water, the light, and the boat.

Each one is alive but paused forever. No ripple in the water; the boat halted as though its a part of the river. Light shone from above casting shadows on the river.

Almost poetic, you can actually feel the moment captured in this art.

There is also the sublime use of color. Colors transmit emotions, so this canvas print is characterized by a dull shade of orange for the trees and sand brown for the river.

A white boat can be clearly picked out from under the trees. Overall, it’s not a bright image. No superfluity, Just nature minding its own business.

Why should you buy it?

If you love nature paintings, this frame deserves to be on your wall. The best part is it would fit in perfectly with whatever theme of color you have in your home.

The fact that it is a quiet art makes it perfect for us in both hidden and of course, exposed areas of the home.

Consequently, this print is a beautiful work of art. The use of colors, shadows, and light makes it outstandingly perfect for stepping up the overall aesthetics of where you would love to use it.

With this frame, there will be no need to vamp or reduce the brightness and shine of anywhere it would be used. It is perfect for any type of wall.

Also, we are confident about the quality of our frames. Our frames are well crafted to withstand movement from one place to the other and long-term use.

You can be assured that this frame will withstand long-term use without it diminishing in quality.

How can it improve your home?

Consider this frame the magical specimen to the aesthetics of your home. Whatever interior decoration theme you currently run in your home, this frame will make it better.

It can be used anywhere, and it would blend in easily.


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