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A Framed Print On Canvas Perfect For Your Walls

Original price was: ₹5,000.00.Current price is: ₹2,100.00.

A real-life picture with a focus on a bridge connecting two adjacent lands.

This framed print on canvas is a perfect specimen of real-life photography. 

The picture is digitally printed on canvas and encased within a 33×22 inches frame.

Perfect for home and office, this frame is worth its every dime.

This beautiful art is available with the free shipping option.




What is the best in it? 

Real-life photography, as the name suggests, are pictures of real life- which consist of nature and man. This frame reflects the relationship between man and nature.

It shows the tenacity of man to survive, to move from one place to another despite the obstruction nature places in its path.

But the relationship is not that of conquest for man but of a symbiotic relationship where man can exist peacefully with nature. This picture is indeed perfect.

The scene from this picture is characterized by calmness. The river is calm, and the bridge is left undisturbed.

The entirety of this picture is soothing and calming. Imagine walking on that bridge, a clear mind and clean breeze rubbing itself on your skin.

This is perfect. With this frame, you will be bringing a lot of calmness into your space.

Even though pictures like these aren’t rare, this particular print on canvas is unique.
The style of photography is enhanced by nature. You can pick out the presence of light from the sun descending gently over the landscape. It’s beyond just a picture, but a story.

Observe closely, and maybe you will hear what the picture is saying.

Finally, the quality of the frame is perfect. The same applies to the print on the canvas. The canvas itself is perfect as it is sourced from cotton fabrics which makes it perfect for holding high-quality prints.

Overall, this frame would last as long as possible through many life spans, and its essence will still remain.  

Why Should you Buy?

Framed pictures appeal to different people in different ways. Hence the reason for purchase is often more subjective.

In essence, what does this frame mean to you? Bridges are symbolic- so, do you see reconciliation?

The bright sun is also symbolic, so do you see a new beginning? Buy this art based on what it can mean, and it will be one of your most treasured properties.

Present this as a gift to just about anybody, and they would be filled with gratitude. This framed picture is a perfect gift item. It will solidify your relationship with whosoever you give it to. We consider our frames the best gifts ever.

How can it improve your home?

A frame as beautiful as this deserves to be the center of attraction in your home; however, it would also look excellent when placed next to other frames and decorative pieces.

Frames this beautiful comes with an aura of prestige. So hang it in the right place and watch how people would treat you. And, of course, you deserve to be treated as royalty.


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