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An Amazing Framed Canvas Picture Featuring Trees with Red Leaves

Original price was: ₹5,000.00.Current price is: ₹2,200.00.

Red is probably one of the most used colours- attractive and dominating.

This picture features trees with red leaves that have patterned the landscape and hung to stems to create wonderful scenery.

This 33×22 inches framed print on canvas is perhaps one of the most beautiful frames displaying the creativity of nature.

This is easy to clean, durable and printed on imported quality matte finish canvas.

A scenery that perfectly expresses the beauty locked in the colour red.

This beautiful art is available with the free shipping option.


What is the best in it? 

One of this artwork’s best qualities is the awesome red display. Dominant and attractive, it takes a lot of knowledge of colours to combine red with other colours.

However, this is nature, the originator of all colours. Apart from the dominant red of the leaves seen in the picture, we can see how other colours still feature with little effort.

The brown of the tree backs and the blue sky all come together to form an awesome work of art. 

Natural photography is a much-celebrated style of photography. Despite being among the oldest form of photography, pictures of nature keep having the same effect on people. This print on canvas proves the point. The breathtaking beauty is apparent in it. Any lover of nature would love to have this frame as a part of their collection.

The ambience of the art is addictive. Sunny and bright. Moments like these are captured in photographs. The feelings within these moments can also be transmitted from the pictures to the immediate environment. Hence this bright picture is set to turn your home into a lot more bright and happy place.  

Why Should you Buy It?

The best way to justify buying our frame is to look within. Look at this frame, and observe it deeply.

Do you feel anything?

What was your reaction when you first set your eyes on it? The emotions you feel are why you should buy this.

We doubt you felt sad! It is most unlikely. So, that positive emotion you felt and still feel while looking at this art is why you should buy it.

Framed photos bring much value by way of prestige. It often shows great taste in works of art and creativity.

This frame hanging on your wall would echo your love for the finer things of life. You can transform your home into a sanctuary for beauty and exquisite pieces.

And of course, the quality of this frame is enough motivation for you to buy it. Our frames are the best. We out in our best to ensure our clients go home with a product that would last long.

So, the wood of the frame, the material for the canvas, the nature of the print and other parts of this frame have been manufactured to the highest standard.

How can it improve your home?

This frame would easily improve the quality of the interior of your home. Hang this on your wall, and see how its colours would blend in and maximize whatever theme of colour you have for your home.

Also, this frame can regulate the ambience of your home. Consider this a slice of sunrise hung on your wall, your private sun, one that would bring warmth to you all day, all night.


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