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Scenic Wall Art Beautifully Crafted in a Durable Canvas

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Original price was: ₹5,500.00.Current price is: ₹2,200.00.

This elegant framed canvas print is perfect for living room, hall, drawing room, office or for gifting to your close friends or colleagues.

It is printed on an imported quality canvas of 6 Square fit. The total area coverable area of the painting is 6 square fit or 36 “x24”.

It is easy to clean and durable and last longer than you may think

It will spread positivity inside you house or office

The product is shipped within 36 hrs of ordering and comes with free shipping.


Canvas prints make unique decors that can enhance any space’s ambiance and overall appeal. This design is no exception. The aesthetic scenery is printed on matt canvas with 400 GSM using a full HD print quality. It is installed in a wooden frame and comes with hooks for easy installation. It looks pretty expensive, and one needs to perform a close inspection to know that it’s printed and not painted. One thing is for sure; it will add life and spice to any space where you decide to have it on display.

This is a digital wall art canvas print that makes a perfect gift for anyone who loves art. The design is a serene pond that reflects the beauty of nature surrounding it.

What’s the Best in It?

The reflection in the pond of this framed print is among the many highlights of the design. You will keep looking at it as if you want to be there to touch the real thing.

The lovely trees have greens and orange to reddish leaves with a beautiful sunset hiding in between. It has a calming impact that you will never get tired of looking at. 

This product is a high-quality canvas print that looks like an actual canvas painting. A printed canvas on frame is an image printed on the material using an inkjet printer. 

The ink used for this product is intended to stay on permanently. It may only incur minimal fading that you can prevent as long as you don’t expose it to too much moisture and humidity.

Why Should You Buy It?

You will find it relaxing to come home with this pretty artwork to welcome you. It’s also ideal to be placed anywhere in the office to help people relive their daily stresses at work. 

This printed canvas painting is durable and won’t fade for a long time. It’s a worthy catch for its price since you can use it for as long as you like. Canvas is a fabric known for its durability, which can be made of linen or cotton. 

The outcome has a color depth that can easily be mistaken for a real painting. It is printed on canvas with a matte finish, making the appeal more elegant and high-class. It would be hard to distinguish that it’s not a painting unless you inspect it closely and feel the material.

This particular design uses a variety of colors in harmonizing hues. It comes with a wooden frame for easy installation and to make it look closer to a framed painting. It is easy to put up with the hooks that come with the product. 

How Can It Improve Your Home?

The size is good enough to make any space in your home, office, or store come to life. What’s more, the material is easy to maintain and clean. Using a clean cloth, you can gently dust it off to prevent the dirt from settling. 

This digital art gives canvas painting a tough competition. The sky is the limit to the design you can avail in this format. 


What’s more, is that this is affordable. You can get as many designs of the printed canvas on frame as you want without breaking the bank. It is one of the most requested among clients and art loved. It evokes a feeling of tranquility. Looking at this art will make you feel calmer and close to home.

1 review for Scenic Wall Art Beautifully Crafted in a Durable Canvas

  1. Gopal

    I bought it recently for a gift. Packing was good and it was delivered on time.

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