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A Framed, Beautiful and Creative Painting of Nature

Original price was: ₹5,000.00.Current price is: ₹2,100.00.

The beauty of nature is relentless and captivating. However, this beauty is transient.

One moment, the sun radiates through the trees and casts shadows over a forest in another.

However, painting can be used to capture some of these mesmerising moments.

This framed painting shows one of the many beauties of nature.

Trees towering above every other thing, men gathered together in a cluster, a few houses in the background, shrubs scattered either side of a long and winding way, the horizon featuring a warm cloud and more.

If you are a lover of nature and love to see the interaction between it and man, then this framed painting definitely deserves a place on your walls.

It is painted on a 36 inches x 24 inches canvas. It is eligible for free shipping.


What is the best in it?

First, the realism of the artwork is outstanding. Very believable, you can imagine yourself walking down the winding paths in this art and feel normal.

The warmth of the sun is almost soothing and believable as it interacts with the snow that seems to have covered everything.

The trees are scattered yet aligned to the left giving, similar to what you might have in your regular street. You can almost pick out a river or a lake on the horizon. Everything in this painting is real, almost like a photograph. A perfect work of art.

You can take a quick glance at this painting, and you will easily remember some of the elements in it. However, drawing closer to fully observing it, you will be amazed by its several details.

The captivating beauty of the art is tied to these several details. These several details tell a story, the costume of the men situated on the road looks medieval; the architecture of the houses seen in the painting; and snow lodged within the crevices and length of the trees.

Listless are these details, and with time, you will only see more.

Colours are believed to transmit emotions. The hue and saturation of this painting evoke calmness. This is nature being gentle. There are no distractions, nothing loud yet nothing hidden. By way of colour, this art subtly places all the details of this picture without necessarily distracting you. It is almost as though you are looking through the windows of your house.

Why should you buy it?

So, why should you buy this framed painting? One of the most obvious reasons will be if you love nature!

Do you love dipping your toes into the warm waters of several beaches?

Do you gawk at the rising sun and love to watch the sunset? If yes, then this product should be yours

With our framed art, you are assured of quality framing and quality printing. From the woods used for the framing to the canvas on which we print arts, we ensure the best are used.

Durability is our focus. 

How can it improve your home?

You can transform your home with this painting. The warmth from the frame will seethe into your living room, bedroom, or lounge, feeling the atmosphere with the beauty of nature.

Nature has always been a source of inspiration for interior decoration and design. With this framed art, you are bringing the part of that magic from nature into your home.



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