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A Framed Painting Of Nature, Featuring Cloud, Stream, Mountains, And Other Awesome Elements

Original price was: ₹5,000.00.Current price is: ₹2,099.00.

A realistic Canvas print of nature with depth and details that would blow your mind.

This framed art is of the highest standards, with features so detailed and appropriately illustrated that you will find yourself completely lost in it. If you love nature, then this print is everything you need.

The mountain range on the horizon blending perfectly with the cloud is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful things you would see in framed art.

It is surreal and, at the same time, exciting. The blue cloud balances all other elements in the art, making the overall frame realistic.

You have leafed trees hurdled together to the right on the field, and the land is covered with grasses. You can imagine running around this endless field on a bright day.

Absolutely beautiful in every way, there is a herd of animal grazing on the field, enjoying the warm afternoon sun as it shines down and through the painting

The stream is taken to another level of realism as it reflects the mountain range beautifully alongside the blue cloud made even bluer in the reflection.

Perfect and simultaneously humble, the painting displays the beautiful relationship between the several elements of nature.

The painting is printed on an imported quality canvas of 36 inches X 24 inches.
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What is the best in it?

Nature is vast, and its entire beauty is endless. We are only privy to that which it allows us to see and sometimes that which we dare to steal a look at. This framed art provides a glimpse into nature’s tone and beauty, and if you love nature, then you will find this piece quite astonishing.

The use of colour in this art is simply beautiful. The grass is abundant, and the trees are green to show us that the field is well nourished. This is also proven by the herds of animal spotted grazing. The blue of the cloud easily complements the mountain and the colour of the stream and is made transparent to reflect every other colour. 

The frame boasts realism- despite being art, you can easily find yourself lost walking on the mountain, running on the field, or cupping a handful of water from the stream. This is the power of realism in art; it draws you in, making you a part of it.

Why should you buy it?

Do you love nature?

If yes, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t buy this frame. It lacks nothing in the representation of the elements of nature.

Nothing is quite as beautiful as staring at a frame and constantly being met with what you love. It refreshes your devotion to what makes you happy.

Also, we would consistently boast about the quality of our frames. This frame is skillfully crafted to withstand movement and long-term use.

You can be assured that this frame will stay with you for as long as you want it without losing quality. 

How can it improve your home?

There are several ways in which this art can be used in your home. The theme is nature, and so it would naturally flow with any interior decoration theme you have in your home.

The virtue of its bubbling colours, it would match any wall easily.


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