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DecrArts Printed on Canvas Nature Art for Home Decoration

Original price was: ₹5,000.00.Current price is: ₹2,099.00.

With this price, you’re getting one of the most popular canvas painting for nothing.

This paiting with its unique way of reflecting nature and surroundings make it one of the best pieces of art.

The print is painted on a high quality imported canvas of 400 GSM of 6 square feet area. The canvas is of matte finish which gives a colourful glow to paintings.

The painting covers a total of 6 square feet of your wall area and can’t be missed by anyone’s eye of your home visitor.

The painting is ready for dispatch with free shipping.

It is easy to clean the painting with everlasting glow.


This piece is a perfect depiction of nature and it is well suited for you if you are looking for wall art. Printed on canvas for durability, this intricate work is famously known as A Bull Spins in Time.

A Bull Spins in Time is an abstract painting by American artist Jackson Pollock. The painting is composed of black, white, and grey paint dripped and splattered onto a canvas. The paint has been applied in a chaotic manner, which pictures an overall sense of movement.

What is the Best in It?

The artwork has a sense of motion and energy thanks to the artist’s use of a variety of vibrant colors, which were employed to create the picture. The bull is shown in the middle of the image, caught amid a tornado and whirling around as a result. The background is a haze of many colors, which contributes to the impression that the painting is full of motion and energy. This makes it nothing but impressive wall art.

Why Should You Buy it?

The artwork “Bull Spins in Time” should be purchased for several different reasons. The first reason is that the artwork is quite beautiful to look at. The motion of a rotating bull is depicted in a way that is both accurate and aesthetically pleasing by this image. The second justification for this is that the artist, Jackson Pollock, is quite skilled at what he does. The mix of color and light that he employs produces an impression that is simultaneously relaxing and invigorating. In conclusion, the artwork is a wonderful way to kick off a discussion. Those who take the time to view it will undoubtedly engage in thought-provoking conversation and contention.

You can also consider this if you are thinking of framed photo gifts for a friend or a loved one. The painting is also at the center of digital art.

How Can It Improve your home?

The Bull Rotates in Time Adding some artwork to your space can enhance it in a variety of ways. Any space can benefit from the injection of color and vitality provided by it, and it can also be used to make a proclamation or establish an atmosphere. Both expressing who you are as a person and increasing the value of your property can be accomplished via the usage of art. A piece of artwork such as a bull spinning in time is a good example of something that might be used to inject enthusiasm and vitality into a space. Alternately, one might utilize a piece of art that is more muted to achieve the desired effect of a tranquil and pleasant setting.


This painting on canvas is a remarkable work of art in its own right. It would make a lovely decoration for your wall, and it would also make an excellent present for a friend or family member. Since it is printed on canvas and framed, hanging it on your wall won’t be difficult at all. This is the best deal you can find online for images in frames because we are the best dealers in the business.



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