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The Flowing River Wall Art Printed On Canvas on Your Home Wall

Original price was: ₹5,000.00.Current price is: ₹2,099.00.

This natural art is printed on a high quality canvas of matte finish with total area of 6 square feet.

The print is available in 36 inch x 24 inch on canvas.

The stretcher is made of imported quality pine woods which can last longer.

The print is easy to clean and has the glow the would last forever.

The print is availabe for free shipping and can be dispatched with 36 hours of ordering.



This wall art is very beautiful and one of a kind in terms of quality. At first glance, a person may not believe that it’s real.

The wall art has been created with a long-lasting canvas with plenty of expertise. There have also been plenty of colors which has been added, ensuring that the painting has a natural feel as the river flows across the mountain.

The river, the green trees, and the vast mountain stand out, making the wall art printed on canvaslook stunning. What makes it more beautiful is the beautiful sky and clouds, making it look good in an office setting.

What makes it unique and beautiful?

This wall art is unique because it looks like a printed canvas painting that looks magnificent. The wall art has so much quality that it looks shiny from a distance.

Another beautiful aspect of the wall art is its colors to make it lively. The sky has been painted blue, the clouds painted white, the trees green, and the mountains have a greyish color.

All the colors used have been used to ensure that the painting looks as realistic as possible to the customer who wants to purchase it.

Due to all those features, it has a unique design. It looks like a printed canvas on a frame, making it look very attractive.

Another unique feature of the wall art is that it is very light. This wall art is easy to place in whatever room one sees fit.

It is also important to know that people can use this wall art for decorative purposes. A person can still use it before deciding to buy the real wall art for their offices or at home, making it handy.

Why you should buy it?

One of the main reasons why you should buy wall art is that it is of high quality. The high quality comes from the fact that it looks expensive.
The wall painting is also recommended for those who love art decorations in their homes and offices. People who look at nature art and feel relaxed are also recommended to get this type of wall art to ease any tension.
This wall art is also important because it can help you retrace your steps from one particular room, whether in the office or the house.

How can it improve your home?

When one wants to decorate their home to make them look a bit classy, this wall art is the best to use. A room with wall art will look significantly better than when it is not present.

The beauty of a home is also improved since people can see the wall art in all its glory, whether it’s seeing the river, clouds, or mountains. This wall art hence ensures a home becomes attractive to the eye.


The flowing river wall art is beautiful and can be given as a present to either family or friends. It also improves the overall beauty of a home or an office, facilitating attractiveness


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