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A Realistic and Magnificent Framed Canvas Print of An Elephant Walking In the Wild

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Looking at this canvas print, what feelings did it evoke from you? We hope you felt mesmerized by it and perhaps you exclaimed “wow”.

Well, if you did then you are not alone. The sheer size of an elephant alone if seen for the first time has that effect on people, even when illustrated with art.

This 33 by 22 canvas print features a large elephant walking in the wild. The elephant being the most significant object in this art, light, shadows and color are used effectively so that viewers can focus more on the elephant.

As seen, the elephant is walking through a path, with trees and vegetation at either side and a strong beam of light streaming directly over the elephant. This is a beautiful frame showing us a slice of the beauty of nature.

And the more good thing is it is available with the free shipping option.



What is the best in it?

Take a look at this art for a few minutes, then close your eyes. What stands out in your mind? Is it the bright light illustrated as it reveals the gigantic elephant?

Is it the elephant walking on a path so clear and colorful you can almost imagine yourself walking beside it?

Is it the trees and the shrubs?

Whatever you remember, it is a thank to the style of art.

A beautiful realistic representation of nature. You do not have to go the wild to experience the magic of nature, arts like this can transport your mind there.

This canvas print is also awesome simply because it is beautiful, and captivating.

Its beauty is as a result of the almost dark theme, however made astonishing by use of few colors and light.

The green and several shades of orange of the trees, the rusty color of the earth and the brown of the elephant, everything is highlighted to exude pure magnificence. 

The important quality of this product is the beautiful interaction of its several elements. Nature is not chaotic and so any representation of it mustn’t be. Each element, the sun, the grass, the earth all interact in a dynamic pattern.

This canvas print takes that interaction into play to enhance how realistic it is. You can be assured that when you hand this frame on your wall, you are hanging something realistic.

Why should you buy it?

When you put up a frame on your wall, you want to be assured of its authenticity.

You would expect visitors to comment on the maturity of the style of art and you hope they would appreciate it.

Well, with this frame, you will get all of these and more. This is authentic art, realistic and unique. It would have the same effect on your visitors as much as it has on you.

Another important factor is the durability of the material used in creating the products.

Our frames are made from high quality woods that have been treated and worked upon to increase its durability and aesthetics. The canvas print is considered one of the best forms of printing and it is what we use. 

How can it improve your home?

The purpose of every item for decoration in a home is the enhancement of beauty.

This art will add to the beauty of your interior decoration irrespective of how you intend to use it.

Its “nature” theme ensures it will blend in with whatever theme you have in mind.


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