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Exquisite Fine Art With Swirly Colors On Canva And Framed

Original price was: ₹5,000.00.Current price is: ₹2,100.00.

Printed on imported quality matte finish canvas for an intense and vivid experience.

It is a perfect wall painting for your home, office, living room or any place where you want charm.

The painting is framed in imported quality wood which is strong and light and will last for a lifetime.

The size of the painting is 36 inches X 24 inches which will cover a large area of your wall.

The product is available for free shipping and will be dispatched within 36 hrs of successful order.

It is easy to clean and dry and will not be affected by water splashing.


What is the best in it?

Artworks can be a form of expression- a means by which an artiste expresses feelings. Beyond being a form of expression, it is a portal through which an artist invites an audience on a journey. This specific artwork embodies a journey. Purchasing this is the first step to understanding the art, and your journey will be personal. 

Bright and elegant, this product exudes life. The blend of colours is amazing, and every single swell in the pattern conveys emotions. If you love red colours, then this artwork is for you! With different shades of red brilliantly spread through and artistically applied on the canvas, the blend of the red with the light colours renders the work balanced.

Boasting of portrait orientation, this framed art offers more creativity and style. Its unique framing adds to its aesthetic, making it a must-have for all lovers of art who love to turn the walls of their dwellings into an art gallery.

The product is seen hung on a big white wall. However, this design will it perfectly well on even smaller walls as long as it can be placed comfortably. 

 Why should you buy it?

 Where quantity often determines the size, quality is a preferable option. However, when you have both quality and quantity at a high level on a product, then it is best you get it. This art of canvas offers quantity in terms of its size. It also offers quality in terms of the level of artistry put into the painting and also the level of skillfulness put into the frame. Both are top notch, and you cannot be disappointed,

The artistry of this framed artwork is beautiful. It engages with the emotions of its audience. You have to go beyond just scantily looking at it, but meticulously observing its every detail. From colour to the several swirls made with paints, the more you appreciate the art, the better you understand it.

 Our frames are made from durable timber that has been treated and worked on, making it extremely aesthetic. They are skillfully crafted and joined to ensure there is no breakage during movement or when hung on the wall.

 How can it improve your home?

The beautiful artwork makes the product a best seller for most home users. Based on the art and the size, it’s often preferred in homes that feature high walls. From the living room to the bedrooms, the artwork will command visitors’ attention. This artwork hung on this wall tells a story of complete beauty.

If you are a lover of red and perhaps, your interior decoration features the colour red, then this artwork is just the thing you need. Resplendent in its beauty, this elegant print is as attractive as the painting.



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