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An Elaborate Framed Print On Canvas That Features The Interaction Between Nature And Man

Original price was: ₹5,000.00.Current price is: ₹2,200.00.

An elaborate painting printed on canvas featuring nature and men. This painting has mountains, rivers, trees, castles, and boats with men on them.

It is a beautiful and realistic framed artwork that captures an interesting time in the history of man’s development.

Each element within the art is detailed and tells a story of adventure and conquest. This frame will turn your wall into a mural.

 The entire frame is 33 “x22” inches enclosing a quality canvas. Almost similar to a real painting, the art on the canvas was photographed and printed on the canvas. As a result, the ambiance and tone of the art remain intact, and the entire art looks as captivating as the original.   

It is available with the free shipping option.


What is the best in it?

First, the art is realistic. It looks like a photograph taken in the 18th century despite being a painting.

It features extremely detailed elements.

The tree trunk looks real, with sparse leaves.

The river reflects the light of the sun brilliantly.

The boats sit beautifully on the river. You can see the reflections of the boats on the river as they would in real life. The men in the boats are dressed old fashioned.

The castles on the horizon reflect medieval architecture. The horizon features mountain ranges that fade into the cloud. 

 The entire printed canvas painting has a cool color theme. The colors used are dull but not in a boring way. The overall painting is captivating. There is balance and a blend in the overall colors.

The green of the leaves blends in with the light blue of the clouds. The greyness of the boats complements the silver color of the streams. The colors are functional, with a focus on highlighting the objects. 

 Why should you buy this printed canvas painting?

Are you a lover of nature? If yes, this art should be on your wall as it ranks highly in naturalism.

This art is a prime example of nature printed on canvas. There is an abundance of nature present in this art to satisfy you. The mountains, the clouds, the trees, and the river all interact in the most natural way. 

Realism in art is celebrated, and this art adopts this style. The overall work looks real. The perspective is real, and its several features are perfectly proportioned. The use of lighting and shadow is perfect. The entire art is as real as possible. When it comes to realism, this framed canvas ranks high.

Apart from the genius in this art, the frame is made with one of the toughest types of wood. The frame is encased in a durable frame that will last as long as possible.

The canvas we print our art on is of high quality. It absorbs the color from the digital printer and reflects the art in the highest resolutions.

How can it improve your home?

The entirety of this art will transform your home. The cool ambiance of the art will change the entire atmosphere of your home. Irrespective of where it is hung, this art will remain dominant and consistent in its effect.

The art features a cool and calm tone, making it a powerful tool for highlighting bright features in your room. This framed art can achieve the balance you need to strike between flashy and cool colors in your home. 


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