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A Beautiful And Colorful Abstract Art Printed On Canvas

Original price was: ₹5,000.00.Current price is: ₹2,100.00.

This is a 33”x22” framed printed on canvas abstract art. The art style is abstract, featuring multiple colours perfectly painted with rhythmic short and long strokes covering the entire length of the canvas.

This is a magnificent framed art perfect for your home or office.

The frame is crafted to the exact inch and presented aesthetically. It functions as a part of the art and is functional in ensuring the canvas is well spread.

The art is printed on a fabric of high-quality canvas. The canvas retains the quality of the artwork in style, pattern, color, and ambience. A closer look would only reveal this is a digital print. The entirety of this product is perfect.

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What is the best in it?

First, the art style reflects everything that makes abstract art a wonderful art form. You are left to guess what the artist had in mind. However, you would create a translation of the art based on the connection you would develop with it.

The art features brilliant colours. Each color is well separated but combined beautifully. The color strokes are short but wide. On the first impression, it looks like a careless impression of colours on canvas, but on closer look, it reveals a deliberate pattern. The rough texture of the artwork is retained on the canvas presented in its original form. 

The quality of the frame used is high. The woods from which they are made come from the most durable of woods.

The finishes on the woods are perfect, presenting it as an essential part of the art. We guarantee you a frame that will last long on your wall.

The canvas is made from the best fabric. Only by touching the art would you know it is printed on canvas. The nature of canvas allows for full absorption of digital painting. It is durable and will not lose quality over time.

Why should you buy it?

It makes for a perfect print on canvas gift. Because the art style is abstract, it is perfect for all occasions, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and retirement. Purchase this art as a gift for your loved ones, families, and friends, and you will be making their day.

The quality of the frame and the canvas has not been compromised. So, whether for a gift or personal use, you will be getting value for your money over a long time. In addition, the art itself will age well, like fine wine. This is a bargain of a lifetime.

If you love fine art, this printed-on canvas art should be on your wall. But, more importantly, if you love fancy abstract art, then this art is right for you. You never get tired of observing abstract art. Hang anywhere in your home, and it would blend in perfectly.

How can it improve your home?

The art style of this printed canvas on frame makes it easy to blend with whatever color and design theme you have going on in your home. This printed-on-canvas art is perfect for all styles of interior decoration. The colours will match all styles easily.


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