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The living room is a sanctum, a place of significance in a home. It’s usually the first place visitors get to feel the sense of warmth in a room and, interestingly, perhaps the most spacious part of the house.

Little wonder many people take the interior design of their living room very seriously. If there is a rare painting in a home or an elaborate wall photo frame, there is no doubt it will be found in the living room.The large space of the living room makes it a perfect playground for designers. The walls running the entire length, punctuated by doors, windows and arches, are perfect for photo frames. There is no hiding the fact that because of these special living room characteristics, many people use it to display their taste in design and interior decoration.

All decoration starts from the sitting room and then extends to the other rooms in a house.However, just because the living room is perfect for showing off design and taste doesn’t mean many people know how to make it happen. Also, the fact that there are countless photo frames online doesn’t mean it makes it any easy.

Unless you are a professional interior decorator or have an eye for these things, you will be overcome with indecision. So, in this article, we will discuss a few tips to help you choose the best wall photo frames for your living room.

Determine The Style Of The Design Of Your Living Room

The first step toward choosing the right photo frame for your living room is to determine the style of the interior decoration for your living room. Once you have this figured out, all you have to do next is determine the right frame that would best fit this style.

When it comes to interior decoration, there are several styles and design options, so much information about it, but we will run through the major styles that may interest you.You can choose to go for an Industrial style that features strong geometric furnishings. This style is reminiscent of the industrial age. There is also the modern style which is more simple and minimalist. This style allows for space with little or no room for excessiveness.

Next, we have the classic style, which features a more formal design style. Colors are often kept below 2, and dark-themed colors are used in contrast with lighter ones. The retro style is perfect if you love rock design in the late 90s. These are comfier and feature many colors, focusing on a lot of furniture. If you are confused and unsure about the style of design you have in your living room, do not bother.

Canvas Prints

Wall frames are notorious for blending in with almost all types of interior decoration. Of course, this is a cheat.

However, it is often better to know exactly what you want and the style you hope to achieve for a more deliberate look.

Choose A Complimenting Framed Art Style

Photo frames feature either framed pictures or framed art. This means you have the option to either go for art or photography. You can also go for both. When it comes to art, understanding the several types of art will help you match the right style of art with the style of the interior decoration of your living room. The styles of art that exist include abstract art. This art style will complement the industrial, modern and classic interior decoration styles. The geometric style of art will complement the modern look as much as it would bring out the beauty in the modern look of your living room. 

Natural art is perfect for your retro-style living room. It would also make your industrial interior decor look calmer. Illustrative art is perfect for all forms of interior decorations.Wall art frames are perfect and what makes them even more awesome is that there are many genuine art pieces, inexpensive and expensive, with which you can make your living room the centerpiece of your design obsession. You can never go wrong with these frames.

Choose A Complementing Photography Style

There are probably more photo frames online than any other type of frame. This isn’t a coincidence, as photography is a popular hubby. Also, there are several sites online that pay for good photographs. Fortunately, the large number of photos online doesn’t really diminish the many styles of photography.

Framed wall photos with natural photography will make your retro-styled living room come alive. Both landscape and portrait photos will have a decent and cool effect on every style of interior decoration. Customized frame photographs of yourself, your family and whatever you have in mind can be the magical touch for your living room.

Just like art frames, there is no end to how you can improve the general look of your living room. With these many resources and just a bit of imagination, there is absolutely nothing you cannot achieve with your living room.

Choose A Quality Photo Frame

The final and very important aspect of choosing a wall photo frame for your living room is to choose one that will last long, a quality frame that will remain for as long in your living room without reducing in value or quality.

When it comes to quality frames, a few things must be considered; first, make sure you go for a frame made with cotton canvas. Cotton canvases are preferable as they last longer than other canvases. Also, the frames themselves are made from good wood, not plywood or unfinished wood. Remember you will be putting this in your living room. 


When choosing the best wall photo frame for your wall, apart from all the tips shared in this article, remember that our sense of style matters the most. Do not be afraid to try out several combinations until you get something you truly love. Just like everything, trusting your gut is more important, of course as long as your gut is based on knowledge.

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