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There is an appeal to framed photos that makes them one of the most sought-after frames in the market.

This appeal is what probably has led you to this article. We guess you are in the market for a customized framed photo. With countless online stores available at a single google search for customized framed photos, each one offering a lot, you might feel a little overwhelmed. But do not worry, we are here to help you.So, the first question is of course, what is customized framed photos?

Are they different from ordinary framed photos?

A customized framed photo as the name denotes means a framed photo with features specific to satisfy a particular client or group of clients. They include framed photo gifts and specially framed photo prints and frames with unique designs and styles.

There really isn’t any difference between them and ordinary framed photos, apart from the fact that they are produced to meet the specific need of a client or target clients.In this article, we will discuss all you need to know when you want to buy a customized framed photo online. 

Consider this an ultimate guide that will help you get exactly what you want without the usual heartaches and disappointment that characterize buying stuff online. So, let’s dive in.

Photo Frame By Quality

Quality trumps every other thing when it comes to purchasing photo frames online. The internet is filled with online stores that sell low quality, and substandard frames. 

Most are not modest about this and would charge very high, and unfortunately, a lot of customers have ended up with frames that they either cannot use at all, nor for a long time.

When it comes to quality, 3 things matter when you want to buy a customized photo frame.

First, the quality of the canvas, then the quality of the frame and finally the quality of the image and print. The canvas is the medium the photo will be printed on. Hence, irrespective of how awesome the photo is, whether a stock photo or an actual photo of a loved one, if the quality of canvas used is low, your photo will come out poor. The thumb of the rule for canvas is simple, always go for Cotton canvas.

Cotton canvas are best suited as they absorb the colors from the Print and can retain the shade, texture, style and colors of the original photo. There is a reason they are called photo frames. The frames matter a lot. If you end up with frames made from plywood or some cheap, untreated woods, your frame would either not hold up on the wall or it would begin degrading very fast.

Let’s not even talk about insects eating it up because it is not treated. So, the first thing to look out for is the quality of the wood. Another factor to consider when considering frames is the quality of the work in crafting it. The last thing you want is a frame that would skew to one side because it was not properly joined.

Finally, since you want your frame customized, you should consider the several types of styles the frames come in.

Finally, the quality of the image you want framed matters as well as the quality of the print. You want images taken with a great camera above one taken with a phone camera(of course, except if the phone boasts of a great camera).

A great image can be ruined by poor canvas and horrible printing, but an image with poor quality cannot be enhanced with awesome print and canvas

Lastly, ensure the print is done with inkjet printers as they give out the best print in terms of quality.

Photo Frame By Size

The purpose of your frame will determine its size.

Do you intend to hang the photo frame in your living room?

Is it meant to be a gift for someone you love?

Is the framed photo going to sit on a desk? Note that there are framed photos large enough to cover a large area and there are others that might fit into your pocket, although uncomfortably.

So, the purpose determines the size in which you want your frame produced.Additionally, since you want it customized, you can always get the frame produced to fit your specific size. Most online stores sell their frames in standard sizes and what they have might not be what you want,

So, having determined the size of the frame you want based on its purpose and its usage, you can decide the best frame size.

Photo Frame Based On Photo

We cannot give a guide on how to purchase customized frames online without talking about photos. The beauty of a famed photo is dependent largely on the photo, specifically, the type of photo that is used.

Your perception of beauty must be enhanced to spot a truly amazing photo, or make a choice on the photo best used for a frame. An ugly photo that is well framed is still an ugly photo.So, if you are considering a customized photo to be used as a gift for a wedding anniversary , then it is probably best you consult a professional photographer who can capture the best photo possible. The same principle applies for other types of photos.

Photography is wide and it consists of several styles including nature photography, portrait photography, event photography and others. Always ensure you go for the possible best in photos when making a choice on the best image for your frame.The above principles hold through for framed photos for interior decoration. Make sure your photo complements the theme of the interior decoration. The photo should align with the furniture, the colors of the curtains, the flooring and other elements within the interior you want the frame hanged.


So far, we have discussed what are customized framed photos and all you need to know when you want to buy one. The information shared here if applied would save you a lot of money and also a lot of time in your buying process and you will still go home with a photo frame of high quality, suited for what you need it for and most importantly, something that will give you joy whenever you see it.

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