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A Framed Close-Up Photograph Of Beautiful Flowers Fit For Your Home

Original price was: ₹5,000.00.Current price is: ₹2,100.00.

This is a framed image of one of nature’s most beautiful creations—a printed canvas painting of beautiful flowers.

The photograph is printed on a universal canvas and stretched over a 33″ x22″ frame.

The colors of the flowers are magnificent, and the color of the leaves complements them.

The entire frame is covered by the image of the flowers photographed at a very close range. You can almost pluck it out of the canvas.

It is a magnificent and pure work of natural photography. 

It is available with free shipping option.


What is the best in it?

This frame with a photo brings nature closer to your home, office, or cabin. You can relive your last visit to a beautiful garden through this frame. Hang it where you can see it every day, and you will feel the closeness you desire with nature. Better still, this photo will probably nudge you closer to planting a garden.

It possesses the pure beauty to turn your wall into a magnificent mural. The red flowers blend in beautifully with the green leaves to form a magnificent work of art.

It exudes the highest form of nature’s beauty and also has the simplicity that will easily attract people. This frame will satisfy your need for colorful and vibrant interior decoration pieces.

Do you own a restaurant?

Do you work from home?

Do you work from an office?

Irrespective of what you do and where you spend most of your day, this frame fits in anywhere with ease. It possesses enough beauty to transform any environment.

Why should you buy it?

The frame is sturdy yet light, made from the best materials to ensure longevity and quality simultaneously. In addition, the canvas wraps the frame beautifully, enhancing the entire beauty of the frame.

Flowers are symbolic. They represent love, joy, and life in most cases. This makes our product a perfect framed photo gift for your friends and families. Whosoever you gift this frame will feel the warmth of love you have for them.

The canvas is of high quality. It is made from cotton, and the inkjet printing done on it is of the highest quality and has a high resolution. As a result, the colors will not fade off. The canvas is stretched tightly around the frame to display its entire image.

How can it improve your home?

If you love flowers, then this frame is perfect for you. It will enhance whatever flowery theme you have going on in your home. Interestingly, it can be the only element of design with flowers in your living room, and it would do a great job.

How much of nature do you love?

This frame has just about enough of nature for you. It isn’t too much nor too little. This makes it perfect. It would blend in with whatever theme you have in mind for the interior of your home. 

Finally, its durability is of the highest standard. We are sure this frame would last as long as possible without losing any of its awesome qualities.


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