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When it comes to wall designs, there is innumerable option available to meet a likewise ever-growing interest in it. We live in a world of walls, literally. Homes, schools, hospitals, and infrastructures all have one thing in common: walls.

And even the absence of these gigantic edifices, tents, and make-shift abodes are all partitioned by walls. However, more interesting is the fact that man has the natural tendency to turn simple things into play things- in this case, the need to beautify an empty wall is innate.

This explains why the demand for pictures on canvas, and frames among other types of design peripherals will keep rising.So, it is safe to assume your own instinct to beautify your wall has kicked in and you have one question, how to choose eye-catching scenery for your wall?

This is a good question and you have come to the right place. As stated earlier, the options on what to choose to turn your wall into something magical are limitless. It would take a professional to sift through these options and choose the perfect design items for your walls.

But with the little knowledge from this article, you will be more than equipped to make a solid decision to the amazement of everyone who will be seeing your beautiful wall.To choose an eye-catching scenery for your wall, consider framed photos on canvas. For a more permanent form of design, consider cladding. Finally, direct painting on the wall and other finishes like wallpaper. We shall discuss all three options below.

Scenery For Wall

Choose Frames To Create Eye-Catching Scenery For Wall

Without any doubt, the use of frames for wall designs is one of the oldest inventions for interior decorations. The walls of the houses of royalties centuries ago used to be decorated with framed paintings of the family members of the house.

Frames as items of the design were a big deal then. Unsurprisingly, this practice has not changed a bit but instead has become synonymous with wall designs. Fortunately, today, there are a lot more options beyond just paintings. Framed prints on canvas now feature photos and a wide range of art styles. Fortunately, the popularity of frames has not in the least dwindled the beautiful scenery it can create on walls, especially if done properly. This is because of how flexible the usage of frames is.

They come in several dimensions, some small yet bold enough to be seen and some large enough to cover your entire wall. The frames themselves come designed and made from different materials. There are frames made from wood, metal, aluminum, plastic, and even gold.

These frames are often crafted and designed such that by themselves they can transform your walls into a scene out of a movie. The prints on the canvas in these frames are innumerable. You can go for photos. There are pictures of nature, events and people, and places. Likewise, there are prints of art. Whatever style of art you prefer, there is an abundance of it from which you can choose: realistic, abstract, or impression. 

All of these make frames one of the best design items to get to turn your walls into eye-catching scenery.

Choose A permanent Form Of Design

When it comes to creating eye-catching scenery for your wall, sometimes, you only need to alter the materials used in building the walls or add more materials to enhance its beauty.

Of course, with this process, you really are not going to be depending on other decorative pieces, as the wall itself is the decoration. This is like killing two birds with a stone. In this section, we will be looking at how to achieve this.Depending on the type of building you have, simply constructing the walls with well-finished wood panels is an option. There are several types of wood panels each one capable of creating astonishing sceneries for your wall.

These include shiplap wood panels, tongue and groove wall panels, breadboard wood panels, board, and batten wood panels, raised panels, pallet wood panels, 3d wood wall panels among others.

All of these are options from which you can choose. Another permanent form of design that will make your walls a head turner is cladding. Cladding simply means covering up your walls with aesthetic materials. Unlike frames, these are permanent.

There are several options to go for to clad your wall with. These include granite, marvel, glazed tiles, and vintage tiles. These materials will transform your wall into astonishing sceneries that will captivate your guests.

Choose Direct Paintings And Finishes

When it comes to paintings and finishes being applied to walls, there are limitless opportunities. There are walls with breathtaking views created with finishes and painting styles.

There are professionals capable of turning your wall into exactly what you have in mind, so you are not expected to be an expert painter. In this section, we will look closely at both paintings and finishes. 

Finishes as the name suggests are design elements applied to walls after they have been constructed. Wall finishes are as old as walls, however, over time, several types of finishes have been invented. There are textured wall finishes and wallpapers, wall photo frames with countless patterns and designs that can literally transform a wall into a scene from paradise.

Directly painting on your wall is an art form that is as old as art itself. This art form is reminiscent of Ancient Egyptian Culture. However, it is not out of style and modern buildings and walls are being finished off with paintings. So, if you are truly keen on creating breathtaking scenes with your wall, then painting is probably one of the best ways to go.

One of the advantages of painting on a wall is that you can customize your wall with whatever style or theme of the painting you want. Painting as an art form exists in styles including, abstract, realistic, and impressionist painting. Hence, you have options from which to choose.


With the knowledge shared in this article, we believe you should be equipped enough to make sound judgments when it comes to choosing eye-catching scenery for your walls.

As stated, you might not have the technical know-how, but with enough information, you can explain better to your interior decorator or designer what you have in mind.

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