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A Wall Framed Abstract And Bold Painting Featuring Captivating Colors and Illustrations

Original price was: ₹5,000.00.Current price is: ₹2,100.00.

An abstract painting that captures your attention. Interpretation is fluid, as it is dependent on the individual’s perception.

A unique canvas with long lasting durability. Size 36 inch x 24 inch.

This work of art aims to get your full attention with its bold and sharp illustrations with deeply contrasting colours sprawled around the canvas on which it is printed.

The theme is seemingly dark but not evil, mysterious, yet attractive.

A piece of extreme imagination and awesome skill, for sure, you will never get bored looking at this product.

It is easy to clean and dry.

The product is available for free shipping.


What is the best in it?

The beauty of abstract painting is in the freedom it gives the audience to develop a personal interpretation. An abstract work of art can mean several things to several people. And each meaning develops over time. It is the sacred relationship audience develops with art-works that own.

This framed artwork is in every way as mysterious as they come. Of course, the fort impression it gives is that of beauty. However, not the type of beauty that comes from what is known but rather from what can be learned. The bold red illustration is sprawled on the canvas; in the same manner, a gown is sprawled on a flat surface. The background features a grey background. However, light blue and deep blue pockets can be seen with much closer observation. 

The two distinct colours used to illustrate the beautiful expression are sprawled beautifully on the Canvas. A closer look at the background looks like an Arial photograph of a north pole. It also bears a resemblance to the aerial photo of the earth. 

The frame sits well on the lemon-coloured wall, an uncommon yet beautiful combination. Even more attractive use of the frame is seen when hung on a grey wall which exudes a mysterious ambience. The certainty of the artwork looking great within any pattern or colour of the wall is established.

 Why should you buy it?

Abstract paintings are personal and largely reflect the collectors’ mood. Do you need framed art that you can personalise? Do you desire a work of art that grows in meaning and depth with time? Then purchase this art.

The canvas is made from durable materials and fully absorbs the art’s full-colour range. Our frames are durable and aesthetically painted black to make the artwork the focus. They are easily cleaned, light and can be hung without fear of falling.

 How can it improve your home?

Imagine this product on your amazing living room wall. Powerful and commanding, it would draw in its audience. Long and meaningful conversations can be held about its uniqueness. You can not go wrong with this frame anywhere within your large or even small wall space.

Do you need a cool ambience in your bedroom? Then this product is definitely what you should go for. You will not be disappointed as it would sit well with any wall design. This is the beauty of the product.


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