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A Printed Canvas Painting of Mountains

Original price was: ₹5,500.00.Current price is: ₹2,100.00.

A 33″x 22″ inches framed painting of mountains set on a beautiful and cloudy background. This frame encases a print on canvas photography of nature that is breathtaking and captivating.

Natural photography captures nature in its most real form.

This landscape portrait photography is printed digitally on a high-quality canvas ensuring the colors and brilliance of the picture taken are maintained.

This framed photo features colorful elements and a brilliant display of sunlight and shadows. It is perfect for your living room, office, or bedroom and wherever you need a high level of brightness and color.


What is the best in it?

This framed landscape print on canvas captures a colorful natural phenomenon. The sun shines through a thin cloud on a towering mountain, and the shadow of the mountain is cast on the other surrounding mountains.

The canvas is divided into two unequal parts, the lower part under the immense shadow of a high mountain range. The upper part features a well-lit mountain against a clear, sunny, and colorful cloud.

Colors are powerful as they can alter the mood of any environment. They can also affect the emotions of people. This framed canvas features brilliant colors. The sky’s blue with its slightly orange colored clouds stands out.

The light from the sky shines on a mountain that features a part of the orange color from the cloud impressed on its natural grey to give a beautiful work of art. Every other part of the art is covered in a dark shadow. Because of its color, the frame gives off a lively and happy feeling.

The photo is housed within a durable frame made from the finest woods. The joints are well fixed, and the entire frame is treated to ensure longevity. In addition, the canvas is stretched around the frame to enhance the product’s overall aesthetic. Also, the canvas is made from quality material to ensure it absorbs the entirety of the photograph.

Why should you buy it?

First, buy it because of its beauty. If you want a beautiful frame, then this frame ranks among the most beautiful frames with photos. Hang it on the wall of your living room or bedroom and it will attract attention.

Also, the color of the photography is lively. Hence, if what you want is a lively ambiance in your home, then buy this art. Colors are powerful as they can alter emotions. Therefore, this color would help maintain the joyful countenance of its audience.

 Finally, the material used for the frame and the canvas is of quality standard. The digital printing on the canvas is done at a very high resolution. Hence, this product would last long. Moving it around wouldn’t damage it, and the colors will not fade over time. 

 How can it improve your home?

This art will transform your home. The art’s joyful ambiance will change your home’s entire atmosphere. This art will keep the atmosphere alive regardless of where it is hung.


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