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An Amazing Print on Canvas Featuring the Picture of a Tree

Original price was: ₹5,000.00.Current price is: ₹2,200.00.

A 22″x32″ framed picture printed on canvas.

This fantastic frame would sit well in your sitting room, bedroom, office, or conference room because of its beauty and simplicity.

The frame is made from wood, and the canvas is made from durable fabric which is of matte finish.

The product is available with the free shipping option.


What is the best in it? 

This perfect frame houses a beautiful picture of a lone tree set in a mountainous background. Pictures of nature are always breathtaking, and this is not an exception.

The trees cast their shadow on the high ground before it. The warm lights of the sunbeams fall gloriously on a mountain range in the background. The clear and bright cloud looks captivating. This frame holds an excellent picture of nature.

The picture in the frame has a warm ambience, one that you can feel through the picture. Place this anywhere in your home, and this warmth will envelop your home. 

The frame used in casing this wonderful picture is of high quality. Same as the canvas on which the picture is printed. Both are made from the best material, the frame from strong wood and the canvas from cotton fabric. Altogether, you are buying a frame that would last longer than you think. 

Finally, the picture in the frame is shot at a dramatic angle. The tree’s roots are not showing. It shoots out from a low land that is not captured in the picture. Frames that are this unique are often a great source of healthy debates and speculation. Hence beyond just being a beautiful piece on your wall, this is an amazing piece that will lead to more conversations.

Why Should you Buy It?

First, this framed photo is beautiful. Hang it on a wall, and you will be amazed at how its features would pop. Interestingly it doesn’t boast a lot of colours. Its beauty is tied to its uniqueness, an almost hyper-realistic essence it carries. 

Framed gifts are a rave. However, if you want to take framed gift a notch higher in quality, go for a picture that is captivating.

This framed picture is an example of a captivating framed gift. It is unexpectedly awe-inspiring. Whosoever you gift this to will certainly appreciate the gesture and the gift itself. That’s a double win for you.

Quality is of the essence when crafting frames. Interestingly, we are big on quality. We source the materials for our frame, canvas, and print from the best in the market. Using a digital printer, the prints on our canvas are high definition. The frame is sourced from the best woods in the forest. 

How can it improve your home?

Natural photography makes for awesome ornamental decorative pieces for homes. Nature and elegance are quite related, and so using a framed picture of nature can amp up the rare beauty seen in homes that reflect wealth and status.

This frame will easily blend with whatever colors you choose for your home.

Great decorative pieces are always wide in their usability, and this framed picture is one of those decorative pieces that are versatile. It will blend in with any color or interior decoration theme.


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