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Canvas Prints Turned into a Majestic Wall Art

Original price was: ₹5,000.00.Current price is: ₹2,099.00.

This wonderful piece of art is done on a matte finish imported canvas.

It is easy to clean and dry in a moments giving it the original look.

The ink printed on it is aesthetic making it look real.

The size of painting is 36”x24”.

The total wall coverable area is 6 square feet which can grab anyone’s attention.

The product is free shipped within 24 hrs of ordering.

It is available for a limited time due to high demands.


It is a printed canvas on frame featuring an artsy design of animals and nature. The appeal is intriguing and has the enticement of a real painting. However, it’s not; you will only learn the difference if you get closer and feel the texture. Since the design is printed using permanent ink, it won’t have the roughness you’d feel when touching an actual canvas painting. But this is the closest to the real thing; plus, it’s more affordable. The design looks like a masterpiece. It’s something uncommon and exudes a luxurious impression.

Why buy digital wall art if you are a self-proclaimed art lover?

The answer is simple – why not? it is among the bestselling designs of photo with frames online. It can easily pass as an actual painting. Check it out and imagine how this piece can turn a dull space into something with pizzazz.
If you still don’t own a canvas print, there is no best time to get one but now. It is an excellent design you will enjoy because it looks like a poem turned into art. It will spark your imagination and will make you think what is it about.

What’s the Best in It?

Did you know that printed on canvas can feature your chosen pictures as design? They make excellent gifts for your friends or loved ones who are into decors or arts. The best thing about it is that it’s a printed canvas painting. It’s an actual painting photographed and printed on high-quality canvas. The result is a product that can easily pass as a real painting.

It is printed using permanent inkjet ink. You are assured this will last a lifetime. If you want to retain its good quality for years, regularly clean it with a clean, soft cloth. This way, dust won’t gather in the canvas prints, which may damage the material if you allow dirt and dust to collect in it.

Why Should You Buy It?

Canvas prints are becoming more trendy as years pass by. You never know, but they may be everywhere tomorrow or next month, or in the years to come. You never want to be the last person to own this beautiful digital wall art. 

They look pretty expensive, especially with the durable backing frame made of pine wood. The frames used for the pieces of canvas prints come from responsibly valued forests. They deliver the wood to the factory, where it undergoes a drying process and other carefully planned steps to obtain quality materials. So why should you buy it? Because it’s worth more than its price.

How Can It Improve Your Home?

It looks pretty amazing. You will not get tired of looking at it for hours while trying to decipher if you’ve missed some clues or if the image hides special meanings. The painting printed on canvas gives the illusion that it’s real. It will definitely make any blank space into something oozing with style and appeal.


Whether you’re an art collector or you only want something stylish to place on your wall, check out it now. It’s a fast-moving design due to its mysterious appeal. The image is a printed painting, making it look real. You wouldn’t regret buying this product made of durable canvas, wooden frame, and high-quality inks.


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