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An Elegantly Framed Print On Canvas Hyper Realistic Painting Of Ships In A Sea Storm.

Original price was: ₹5,000.00.Current price is: ₹2,200.00.

This is a framed print on canvas with a hyperrealistic art form that shows several ships on sea fighting a great storm.

The art was Photographed and printed on a canvas. The style of the art remains intact on the canvas. If observed closely, the brush Strokes can be seen, and the texture of the original art seems to be maintained on the canvas. 

This framed print art features several ships fighting a great storm- you can imagine the ferocity of the wind.

The art has an ample amount of light. Every detail in the art can be seen, including a ship that has capsized.

This is a beautiful and realistic framed hyper-realistic artwork. If you are a lover of art, then the authenticity in this art would appeal to you.

The entire frame is 33″x22″ inches enclosing a quality canvas. Almost similar to a real painting, the ambience and tone of the art remain intact, and the entire art looks as captivating as the original painting.

This is available with the free shipping option.


What is the best in it?

First, the art is hyperrealistic. It looks like a scene painted from real events; however, exaggerated. It features extremely detailed elements.

The hull of the ships is detailed alongside their mast and other parts. The swell of the river is appropriately illustrated. Birds can be seen flying around the ships- which is unlikely but points to the hyper-realism of the art.

This framed print is one of our collection’s best representations of art.

The entire printed canvas painting has a calm color theme. The colors used are dull but not in a boring way. The overall painting is captivating. The blue sky above is punctuated by a light orange around where the sun might be. The roaring water is painted with deep blue, grey, light orange, and other subtle colors.

Why should you buy it?

Are you a lover of the wild sea?

If yes, then this art should be on your wall. This art is a prime example of man against nature printed on canvas. Do you love adventure and voyages? Then it would help if you bought this art. 

This frame would make a wonderful gift to friends and family. So many people would be glad to receive a framed print art of this type. So, why not buy it for someone you truly love? Then, you can be assured that your gift will be the highlight of their special day.

The frame is made with one of the toughest types of wood. In essence, the frame is encased in a durable frame that will last as long as possible. The canvas we print our art on is of high quality. It absorbs the color from the digital printer and reflects the art in the highest resolutions.

How can it improve your home?

The entirety of this art will take the aesthetics a notch higher.

It is both cool and at the same time busy.

It has a soothing yet captivating ambiance.

This art will change the entire atmosphere of your home. Irrespective of where it is hung, this art will remain dominant.


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