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Photos on Canvas Prints: Expectations vs. Reality

Photos on Canvas prints have become a major item used for interior decoration, which is no surprise.

The unique features of canvas prints naturally place them at the top of most decorative pieces; hence, homeowners, interior decorators and designers always prefer them above other types of decorative pieces. 

Where you cannot argue the benefits of canvas prints, there is always the perception issue. There are cases where the photo on canvas printed ordered online is leagues away in terms of quality and aesthetics from what is delivered.

Multiple unfortunate incidents like these have cast a shadow on how clients perceive canvas prints. The question remains, how do you, as a customer, manage your expectations on your canvas prints, ensuring it matches up to reality?

Are canvas prints as awesome as many seem to believe?To answer these questions, we will look at the elements of photos printed on canvas, the quality of the photos, the quality of the print and the quality of the canvas. Understanding these four elements allows you to get exactly what you expect.

Quality Of Photos In A Canvas Print

Unlike mirrors, when it comes to printing, what you see isn’t always what you will get. Unfortunately, most clients are unaware that because a photo looks great on screen, it doesn’t guarantee it would look great printed on canvas. A poorly taken picture with low quality can look great on a screen with high Dpi. So, what can you do to make sure you get a canvas print with a quality image?

First, take note of the resolution of the picture. The higher the resolution of a picture, the higher the chances of it coming out great in print. A high-resolution picture will not be blurred or pixelated when printed in a larger size. 

A good image should have a resolution above 150dpi. Preferably taken in HD format.At DecrArts, all our photos are of high resolution and in HD formats. Hence, when we print them out, they always come out great. We can achieve this because we source our pictures from the best sock photos online that provide the original formats.

Quality Of Print

The print quality can greatly affect the quality of images on canvas. A great image, if not well printed, will come out poorly. The factors determining the quality of the print are the type of printer being used, the type of print and the type of media the image is being printed on. The best form of printing in the market is state-of-the-art inkjet printers. Inkjet printers render printed images in the same way as the original looks. Inkjet printers maintain depth, texture and the color range of the image. The type of ink used also affects the quality. A low-quality ink will produce a low-quality image.

One of the best ink types is the Epson Ultachrome GS3 eco-solvent ink. Finally, the media being printed determines how the image would look like. Canvas is best for prints.So, the fact that an image looks great on the shop page of a print shop doesn’t necessarily mean the print would match up to it.

Always ensure that wherever you buy your frames, they use the best printing materials. We use inkjet printers and the best inks in the market for all our framed photos. With us, you get what you see, and sometimes even better.

Quality Of Canvas

There are several types of canvas. In the early days of canvas print, hemp was used for canvas. However, canvases are now made with either cotton or polyester. Both of these materials are unique and have advantages.

However, of the two, cotton-made canvases are the best.Before buying your next photo on canvas print, enquire about the type of canvas the photo is printed on. 

A polyester canvas always looks great at first, with a lot of glare. However, over time, the print would begin to rub off and disappear, a classic case of reality being worse than expectations.

However, cotton canvas absorbs ink from the printer, rendering the picture exactly how it looks. Cotton canvas also lasts longer. We print all our photos on high-quality cotton canvas. Our goal is to ensure our customers get the best for their money. We guarantee a long use time without depreciation in image quality and authenticity.

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Quotes Of Canvas Print

Pricing can be deceptive. With many online stores offering canvas prints for home decoration, it can become a bit tricky for you as a client to decide where to buy.

Where a pricey item is expected to be of great quality, clients have come to the rude awakening that tacky and low-quality framed canvas can be sold at an extremely high price.

So, the question is, what is the right amount for a canvas print?

Where there are no hard and fast rules guiding how much vendors should sell their canvas, it is best practice for clients to do a lot of research comparing prices online. Also, understanding all the requirements for a good photo on canvas print will help judge if a product is great.

The most effective litmus test is done by a site that guarantees “money back.” If a product is on the high side in price, then the vendor should have no problem offering a warranty on their products. 

Our canvas prints are competitively priced. The reviews from our customers speak to this fact. Also, our customer service is awesome, so you can always reach out to us if you have issues with our quotes.


The expectation should always match reality. What you see online should be exactly what you should get when your purchase them. Fortunately, with the right knowledge, all of which have been shared in this article, you can be sure that your next purchase of a photo on canvas print will meet your expectations.

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